First of all, I would like to introduce myself.. My name is James McDaniel. I have a passion to help people achieve their goals! Before I was a Life Coach, I started noticing that people around me would come up to me and start explaining their troubles to me, seeking advice and guidance. At the time, I felt like I could only be a good listener. Over time, I saw that people were coming to me because they thought I had the answers to their problems. I started searching for ways to help me fill the gaps in my “sessions”. After doing a lot of research, I learned Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) offered the tools I needed to help my clients achieve the success they were looking for.  

After being certified in NLP and CBT, I decided to focus my coaching on the following areas:

Achieving Goals, Weight Loss, Building Confidence, Removing Limiting Beliefs, Dating (but not Relationships/Marriage) and Anxiety.

I am NOT a Therapist of Counselor. I am a Life Coach. As a Life Coach, I do not diagnose or treat mental disorders. I do not focus on past experiences that the client has experienced and help them process these experiences. I do not tell my clients what areas of their life they need to work on. After the initial paperwork, the client understands what areas of their life needs work and the client informs me of what they want to work on. I do NOT place my morals and ethics onto my clients nor do I judge anyone. That is not the job of a Life Coach. 

I DO offer strategies, tools and accountability to help my clients achieve their goals based on the areas of their life they want to change. I DO require my clients to be willing and committed to the change that they are seeking. I WILL hold my clients responsible and accountable (I am a COACH!).

I cannot offer guarantees because the tools and strategies I offer involve YOU doing the work. Your results area a direct reflection of the effort that you put in.